Wednesday, May 10, 2017


      I went to see the movie Gifted with my niece.  When I saw this group of flowers I couldn’t help but see it as a clear reflection of what I had just seen in the movie.

     One red flower stands alone in a field of yellow flowers….Some may question why the gardener would allow it to grow amongst the beauty of the uniformity of color and kind.  But its difference makes its individual beauty stand out.  So although it wasn’t exactly what the gardener may have been going for….the gardener recognizes its exceptional beauty. Now, the gardener may be tempted to pluck it out of this yellow field so that its exceptional beauty can immediately be recognized by others.  Yet there would be some regret in taking it from its original surroundings.  Putting it in a vase would only allow it to be appreciated for a short amount of time.  Planting it with other red flowers would take away from the exceptional beauty it imparts to the field.  So what should the gardener do?  How does this relate to our very important role as teacher/coach/guide?

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  1. I really loved how you connected this as a coach! This truly resonated with me today. thanks for sharing, Kathy!